Nasha Mukti Dava

Nasha Mukti Kendra

Approx Price: Rs 1,200 / Month 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Month
The Ayurveda herbal medicine for Alcohol and Nicotine and drug addiction is safe and has no side effects It is combination of many herbs. It is in powder form and packed in small sachets according to daily doses. For starting 7 days , give 1/2 sachet and after that give 1 sachet. It can be given with or without the knowledge of the addicted person by mixing in any of the veg or non veg food item without changing the color or taste of that food item. The herbal powder can be sprinkled on Cooked foods, can be mixed with veg Non veg Curries, Fruit juices, Tea, Coffee, stuffing of parantha, curd, Daal, omelet etc. Results can be seen in 15 -20 days that the desire for addictions gets reduced. Medicine is to be continued for 5-6 months. This medicine also covers up the withdrawal symptoms up to an extent. It also helps in improving the liver function and detoxifying the body.This is 100 percent guaranteed sure Ayurvedic medicine to quit from addictions. The medicine does not have any side effects and any food diet control is not required .This Ayurvedic medicine is safe to use for the patients with diabetes and blood pressure and even for patients with heart diseases.
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